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Driving Materials Forward

by Sharon Ann Holgate Materials World
July 2017, pages 34-37

The current generation of bespoke supercars and sports cars relies on carbon fibre composites, specialist alloys and advanced design and manufacturing techniques for their extraordinary shapes, speed and handling characteristics. Pushing the boundaries of materials use and processing is enabling small, craft-based companies to create cars with truly unique qualities.

Boxed content from Pedal to the Metal

November 2013

Home-grown drag racer Alec Coe does a burn-out before each methanol-fuelled rail drag car race in the UK’s Supercharged Outlaws class, because it’s essential to leave a layer of rubber on the racetrack that gives the dragster grip as it rockets away from the start line, he tells Sharon Ann Holgate.

Driving force – the physics of sports cars

Chapter 3 of Outside the Research Lab Volume 2 : physics in vintage and modern transport features the Elemental Rp1 track day car, and Koenigsegg supercars.