Presenting on Screen

Myrovlytis Trust

To watch the video interviews of researchers I conducted for medical research charity the Myrovlytis Trust from summer 2010 through to spring 2011 please click on the name of each respective interviewee. Filming and production was by Yada-Yada Productions.

Understanding Solid State Physics, 1st edition

In 2008, I wrote and presented an online video quiz to accompany my undergraduate textbook Understanding Solid State Physics.  
This was filmed and produced by Julian Mayers.

Supplementary content for Understanding Solid State Physics, 2nd edition

In 2020, I devised, filmed, presented and edited a series of videos to accompany the second edition of my undergraduate textbook Understanding Solid State Physics. These videos include test-yourself quiz questions, interviews with scientists researching into or using solid state physics, and summaries of various topics to help with self-learning and revision of solid state physics.

The University of Sussex

As a postgraduate student in the summer of 1994, I conceived, produced and co-presented a video of the physics department at The University of Sussex to show to prospective candidates on admissions days.