Features from Physics World

Please follow this link to read my 2014 Physics World article Navigating new cultures that reveals how several physicists have successfully managed cultural differences when working or studying overseas. (This link will download the free pdf of the March 2014 Graduate Careers supplement.)

My September 2014 feature Leadership required, which investigates what it takes to lead CERN, can be read by clicking on the article title. Meanwhile to read some of my earlier features for Physics World, written between 1998 and 2000, please scroll down.

Female professors: still a rare breed

Physics World
September 2000, page 8

Women rarely make it to the top in physics. Sharon Ann Holgate spoke to a few who have, and asked what can be done to encourage more women to follow in their footsteps

Science museum seeks to inspire

Physics World
September 1999, page 11

In the age of the Internet what do museums have to offer? Sharon Ann Holgate discovered that London’s Science Museum is taking a new approach to presenting science to the public

How to combine physics and a family

Physics World
April 1999, page 11

Women can find it hard to return to research after a career break. Sharon Ann Holgate investigates some of the options academia and industry offer to help women get back to work

Physicists paint a clearer picture

Physics World
July 1998, page 10

Scientists and artists have traditionally viewed one another with deep suspicion. But as Sharon Ann Holgate reports, physicists can make an impact in the world of art conservation