Presenting on Radio

BBC Radio 4

In 2011, I presented Jack and the Genetically Modified Beanstalk—a scientific pantomime—which was broadcast on Christmas eve on BBC Radio 4, and repeated on Radio 4 Extra on Dec 22nd 2012. This panto with a twist, which I also devised, revealed—via interviews with experts—how close real-life science has come to making familiar pantomime scenarios such as genies that obey our commands, a beanstalk strong enough for a person to climb, and flying carpets, come true. Actors Tom Glenister, Roger May, Sam Dale, Keith Drinkel, Jane Whittenshaw, and Sara Markland brought the panto characters to life, and their dramatised scenes were written by John Peacock.

Radio Pick, Daily Mail Weekend Supplement December 17 2011

“…Sharon Ann Holgate presents this intriguing programme that mixes panto drama with hard facts to show us how scientists are making magic happen.”

Saeed Jaffrey and Sharon Ann Holgate after recording part of The Indian Particle Man
Saeed Jaffrey with Sharon Ann

To read more about my 2005 BBC Radio 4 programme The Indian Particle Man, please click here. This half-hour documentary, that I devised, wrote and presented, was a biography of the Indian physicist S.N.Bose. This webpage contains information about Bose and a message from his grandson, excerpts from the newspaper reviews, and further details about the programme, which featured actor Saeed Jaffrey providing the voice of Bose, and was shortlisted for the Syngenta ABSW Science Writers’ Awards 2005.

Radio ‘Choices’ by Gillian Reynolds, The Daily Telegraph, January 12 2005

”Fascinating portrait of a remarkable Indian physicist…compelling revealed by Dr Sharon Ann Holgate.” 

BBC World Service

During the Autumn of 1999, and again in the Winter of 2000, I metamorphosed into an alter ego called ‘MC Shaz’ for a BBC World Service youth programme called The Edge! This two-hour Saturday morning show was presented by Kirsten O’Brien and Stephen Merchant. I devised, wrote and presented two series of E=MC Shaz – short light-hearted pieces in which I investigated some of the claims pop music lyrics make about science. I also reported on environmentally friendly guitars (in 2001) and made a feature (in 2000) on the science of bras for The Edge.

Other Radio Presenting

In March 2001, I recorded vox pops for three Science Line features promoting the Institute of Physics Annual Congress, which were broadcast on BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Leicester and BBC Southern Counties Radio.

Previously, while I was at university, I was a hospital radio presenter. After graduation I also presented some science packages for charity radio station Radio SUSY.