Communicating Science Clearly: A Self-Help Guide for Students and Researchers

My latest book Communicating Science Clearly: A Self-Help Guide For Students and Researchers was published by CRC Press on November 29th 2023. Read more about the book on the publisher’s website. Buy a copy on Amazon US or Amazon UK.


Science communication is an integral part of any scientist’s career. Sharon Ann Holgate provides a concise, clear foundation for science students and researchers who want to develop their communication skills. Based on years of practical experience as a science writer and broadcaster, Holgate provides tips for a wide range of communication skills needed in a modern scientific career, including consideration of audience and keeping explanations concise and on message. Holgate notes that “by the summer of 2020, most of us had experienced a sea change in how we communicated,” and provides guidance about using remote technologies. Practical sections ranging from conference presentations to writing and broadcasting online are relevant for those who use diverse methods for communicating about their science. With massive and rapid changes in technologies, media and work practices, there is always room for reflexivity about communication and practice to improve skills.

Reviewed by Nancy Longnecker; Professor of Science Communication; University of Otago, New Zealand.