Contributions to ’30-Second’ Popular Science Books

I have contributed to two popular science books in the 30-Second series, 30-Second Quantum Theory and 30-Second Energy, which were both edited by Brian Clegg. I wrote the entries on Satyendra Nath Bose, and MRI scanners for 30-Second Quantum Theory, which was conceived, designed and produced by Ivy Press and first published in the UK by Icon Books Ltd in 2014. For 30-Second Energy, which was published by Ivy Press in March 2018, I wrote the entries on electromagnetism, superconductors, and thermal conduction. 

Front cover of 30-Second Energy
Book cover image © Ivy Press Limited. Reproduced with permission.

Publisher’s Description for 30-Second Energy

Do you know your fission from your fusion? You will have heard of Einstein’s theory of relativity and his synonymous equation E=mc2, but do you really understand what they mean? With renewable energy a hot topic of conversation, arm yourself with the 50 most significant theories and developments that will allow you to contribute to any debate about this integral force in the universe.

30-Second Energy charts the fascinating and fundamental topics behind this phenomenon that resides in everywhere and in everything. Exploring energy as it is best understood – by example – discover how it cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed, and how plankton and other ocean-dwelling organisms can be used to power your car. From the nuclear fusion reactor at the heart of the sun to the elusive dark energy which makes up most of the content of the universe, each topic is summarized in just half a minute using no more than two pages, 300 words and one picture.  

Publisher’s Description for 30-Second Quantum Theory

You know all about Schrödinger’s cat, but how about his equation? How do lasers, transistors and electron microscopes work? What are the perils of renormalization? What makes a fluid a superfluid? And what will a quantum computer be capable of? Discover the history of some of science’s greatest discoveries and ponder the future of physics and technology with this fascinating guide to quantum theory.

30-Second Quantum Theory tackles a mind-bendingly mysterious area of physics, introducing the 50 most significant quantum quandaries and ideas. At a time when the quantum physics of electronics is an everyday essential and new quantum developments make headline news, you will visit parallel worlds, ride wave theory and learn enough to talk with certainty about Uncertainty Principle and to untangle the mysteries of quantum entanglement.